Use We in a Sentence

Use We in a sentence. How to use the word We in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word We.

Definition of We

Examples of We in a sentence

*** We only send your password to this e-mail address.

*** You may enter free as a Guest to discover what we have to offer.

*** To help you navigate, we have created the Member’s Console.

*** When you meet someone through the Web site, we would love to hear about it.

*** At, we want to help you find friends, companions, and relationships of a satisfying nature.

*** We always show the last message you sent first.

*** We credit the invention of the electric light to Adison.

*** we define an accredited investor as someone who can participate in a DPP or other sophisticated programs.

*** We confirm what he said.

*** Through the MATLAB simulation, we obtain the relationship between the volume and the precharge pressure of the accumulator and the final pressure of the sample.

*** However, to understand the reign of Innocent we must not lose sight of the chancellery and its activities.

*** We were seeing a very serious contender in fact.

*** We are an abalone farm specializing in the breeding and sale of live abalone.

*** Abruzzi: Take my duke so we can put all this aft.

*** Sometimes we have a slight loss and sometimes a slight surplus, but over time they are balanced.

*** In 1946, however, we had something that no other country did: a huge surplus of hydroelectric power.

*** We will send your personal belongings by air transport and your furniture by sea.

*** We can not accept your findings without tangible evidence.

*** To be brief, we can not accept such harsh terms.

*** In summary, I think we should accept your offer.

*** We hesitate to accept the present proposal.

*** Sorry, we do not accept traveler’s checks.

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