Use Ways in a Sentence

Use Ways in a sentence. How to use the word Ways in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ways.

Definition of Ways

Examples of Ways in a sentence

*** There are various ways to send a message to a Member.

*** Your accountant suggested some novel ways to protect your retirement income.

*** These disorders have shaken and shaped the 20th century, and in countless ways they still affect our lives.

*** The third part discussed ways to direct and administer schools, and focused on the united front, the mass movement, democratic centralism, semi-militarized and militarized management.

*** Injection and sublingual therapy are common ways of administering this relief.

*** You may have a back pedal to find ways to make a present task more convincing and marketable.

*** Test affiliate and Internet marketing as ways to get money from the Internet.

*** Improving your skill: find ways to improve your business focus, make sure you have the tools to perform the transactions and work with a mentor to help you improve your business skills.

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