Use Way in a Sentence, How to use “Way” in a sentence


Use Way in a sentence. How to use the word Way in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Way. Sentence for Way.

Way - Sentence for Way - Use Way in a Sentence


Examples of Way in a sentence

  1. One way is to send messages within the site.
  2. Your Member Handle is the way your e-mail is addressed in the Message Center and the name that is attached to your Profile.
  3. Leaving it this way will return a maximum of 200 Members who reside in the city and country that the Member provided at registration.
  4. The fastest way to find a specific Member’s Profile is to Search By Handle.
  5. Multiple Accumulator Sets One way that process switchover can be accelerated is by providing multiple processor recordsets.
  6. The principles and approaches to measure angular acceleration were studied to find a feasible way to obtain the precise and successive value of angular acceleration.
  7. The thief tried to find a way to bypass the alarm system.
  8. Some fortunately found their way into museums.
  9. It is an absolute disgrace, the way he treats his wife.
  10. Craft has dispensed with the grill, a way of waiting for a healthy kitchen.
  11. A patchwork quilt is a good way to use the remains of material.
  12. Regular investment of small amounts of money is an excellent way to build a nest of eggs.
  13. The way to reduce abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  14. Releasing sulfur fumes into the air or pouring radioactive water into the ocean is apparently the easiest and most economical way to deal with unwanted byproducts.
  15. The only way to ensure that unwanted behavior does not recur is to keep it cushioned by further punishment.
  16. The only way to escape the unwanted attentions of the local men was not to leave.
  17. Regular exercise helps fight unwanted stress and is a good way to relax or let off steam.
  18. Even now, however, central banks intervene in the market and, on occasion, coordinate to boost the currencies in one way or another.
  19. Double lath system A way of saying that the sail can use full-length or half-length sabers.

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