Watering in a Sentence

Use watering in a sentence. How to use the word watering in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word watering. Sentence for watering.

Examples of watering in a sentence

1 – Watering must be done only with rain water, since orchids will not tolerate the lime deposits in tap water.

2 – In the winter, reduce watering sharply and stop fertilizing completely.

3 – After blooming, place the plant in a slightly cooler room with the same amount of light, but reduce watering somewhat.

4 – Watering and spraying must be done with tepid water.


5 – This plant may be grown outdoors from early June and will in that period need more watering.

6 – Then reduce the watering and fertilizing, and stop completely.

7 – Use tepid water for watering.

8 – Reduce the watering in the fall, which is the resting period, but don’t let the soil dry out.


9 – Like most plants, the Cordyline rests in the winter and watering should then be reduced.

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