Use Water in a Sentence, How to use “Water” in a sentence


Use water in a sentence. Sentence for water. How to use the word water in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word water. How to use “water” with example sentences.

Use Water in a Sentence - How to use "Water" in a sentence


Examples of water in a sentence

  1. *** It is advisable to spray the leaves regularly with tepid water.
  2. *** Carrier designed his first air-conditioner in 1902 to control humidity in the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn, N. Y. It consisted of heat-transfer coils through which he circulated cold water, and a fan to direct air over the coils.
  3. *** Water-based pigmented ink for ink jet printing, ink cartridge that supports the same, and ink jet printing method.
  4. *** diving, snorkeling and water sports (excellent prices).
  5. *** But that year, all the cooks could do was boil hot water together with flakes of white birch branches that gave it a slightly sweet flavor.
  6. *** If the hunter had no water to pour into the barrel, he could urinate on it.
  7. *** While they worked, the sound of water beating against the walls of the canal was an incessant accompaniment to their work.
  8. ** It was slow because the leaves were marked with water and curled, so the best passages were often unintelligible.
  9. *** Not just the thrill of all that acceleration, all that speed, all that water that flies.
  10. *** This electrolytic water should help quench the thirst of runners during the marathon.
  11. *** The reuse of treated municipal wastewater is an effective way to reduce the shortage of industrial water.
  12. *** A decreasing extension of the land that projects towards the water; a peninsula, cape or promontory.
  13. *** The priest sprinkled holy water on each member of the congregation.
  14. *** The Brahmin Devahita gave the venerable Upavana a little warm water with a pingo and a man to carry it and some molasses in a bag.
  15. *** Probably the best method of cooling the body is to wrap the person in a sheet or cloth and pour on small amounts of cold water.

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