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*** De Broglie was professor of physics on the faculty of sciences of the University of Paris for 34 years.

*** I was climbing the ladder, getting commando experience.


*** Collier was born at Langford Magna, Wiltshire, on Oct. 12, 1680.

*** He was born at Sneiton near Nottingham, England, on July 14, 1793.

*** The prospect of an indefinite license was anathema.

*** I was so thirsty that I drank a carton of orange juice.

*** Calculation of machines One of the first calculation machines was an abacus.

*** I was so thirsty that my tongue stuck to the palate.

*** In the event that the other exclusive contestant was Enoch Powell, and was a late starter.

*** The actress denied that her marriage was just a publicity stunt.

*** The first recorded ascent of Mont Blanc was made on Aug. 7-8, 1786, by Michel-Gabriel Paccard and Jacques Balmat.

*** In 1965 an automobile tunnel under the Mont Blanc massif was opened between Chamonix, France, and Courmayeur, Italy.

*** Despite her limitations as an actress, was a great artist.

*** The actress was besieged by reporters at the airport.

*** She was a great actress.

*** He was very frank about his relationship with the actress.

*** His mother was an actress and singer.

*** She was eloquent about her talents as an actress.

*** Jamie was good at flattering others.

*** He was a skilled courtier.

*** The cargo was transferred to a train in Rotterdam.

*** I was summoned by my boss.

*** Initially, the government was not willing to accept defeat.

*** She was reluctantly forced to accept the company’s proposals.

*** The owner was willing to accept us as tenants.

*** He was not willing to accept that his departure was a possibility.

*** But Cox and his guard commander decided that the visitor was genuine.

*** The powerful Spanish army in 1791 decided that Haiti was an easy choice.

*** The outcome of the game was decided much earlier, anyway.

*** Warhol was a pioneer in commercial silk-screen reproduction.

*** His main interest outside mathematics was cricket.

*** She was born in Grand Island, Nebr., on Nov. 17, 1878.

*** October;┬áis the tenth month of the modern calendar but retains its name from early Roman times when it was the eighth month of the year (Latin octo, “eight”).

*** Attempts were made to rename the month after Roman emperors, and it was known variously as Germanicus, Antoninus, and Herculeus, the latter after a surname fancied by Commodus.

*** To the Saxons it was Winmonath (month for making wine) and Winterfylleth (in the belief that winter began with the full moon).

*** He was the author or coauthor, as well as the producer-director, of many of the American theater’s biggest hits.

*** The three-dimensional symmetry of a macromolecular chain was characterized by the group of lines. The regularities of the packaging of macromolecular chains in a spatial group were shown.

*** A series of experiments was carried out to explore the regularities of the decomposition and disarticulation of arthropod carcasses in natural states.

*** The chancellery was used as a propaganda machine, perhaps as never before.

*** The chancellery was the oldest and most solemn part of the whole apparatus.

*** The Chancellery was a public relations office, a press office and a private office, all in one.

*** Lanier was former mayor of Dyersburg before, in 1989, he was elected judge of the chancellery.

*** However, even when he was kidnapped and suspended, he still retained his privileges and immunities as an official of the Foreign Ministry.

*** The working group was formed after a series of major scandals in the clothing industry.

*** The statue, given to the United States by France, was dedicated in 1886.

*** Donald was knighted between 1596 and 1597, was Justice of the Peace of Cambridge and pensioned by Queen Elizabeth in 1601.

*** Although North retained Guevara’s affable style, he was also capable of a quite different kind of work.

*** The Prince de Broglie was born in Dieppe on Aug. 15, 1892.

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