Use Walking in a Sentence, How to use “Walking” in a sentence


Use Walking in a sentence. How to use the word Walking in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Walking. Sentence for Walking.

Use Walked in a Sentence

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Examples of Walking in a sentence

  1. As in walking, so in living with our fellows, some friction is necessary.
  2. The last time I saw him he was walking down lover’s lane holding his own hand.
  3. Slipping out of her gray dress, she changed into a walking suit of blue homespun.
  4. In a minute or two he came back, walking carefully, so as not to spill the water.
  5. At the time of Mrs. Henry’s visit, the hen was out in the yard walking about.
  6. The problem is due to their appearances and way of walking or talking they are easily recognizable and become victim of such derogatory remarks etc.
  7. While I was walking through the door I stumbled upon something very cold and metallic and felt the drum begin to move away from me.
  8. You accidentally hear, I will suppose, as you are walking home from school, two of your boys in earnest conversation, and one of them uses profane language.
  9. So Stuyvesant brought the team around and then went back, one of the oxen in returning walking in the furrow which had been made before.
  10. Fire, so the book proceeds, is to be the test of guilt or innocence for all men; the holy Vatsa once demonstrated his innocence by walking through fire without a hair of his head being consumed.
  11. As she spoke the name, she turned away from him, and walking with unsteady steps across the room, stood looking down into the fire.
  12. By walking cautiously out to the extremity of a point that projected from the shelf upon which his cabin stood, he had been accustomed to see the snowy domes of Mt. Shasta.
  13. Every night, now, when I put out the light to go to bed, I see her in the room; and when I go on streets that are dark, I think she’s walking with me.


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