Use Walked in a Sentence, How to use “Walked” in a sentence


Use Walked in a sentence. How to use the word Walked in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Walked. Sentence for Walked.

Use Walked in a Sentence

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Examples of Walked in a sentence

  1. So he and Beechnut walked along after the oxen.
  2. He walked through the garden, on the frosty lawn of Carlo, under the beams of the cedar.
  3. The history of fur as a kind of clothing material dates back to the time when apes evolved into anthropoids that walked erectly, and used beast skins to cover their bodies.
  4. Children walked on an elephant at the zoo.
  5. They walked in silence for several minutes, elbowing their way down a narrow backstreet to reach the stairs on the entry side of the station.
  6. In silence they walked hand in hand up the path.A federal grand jury will probe into the financial dealings between the two men.
  7. But I was actually so scared because in essence that was the first time I really walked in heels.
  8. An odd-shaped rock becomes the leg bone of a giant creature that walked the Earth, long before humanity.
  9. He walked round the room while the writing was in progress, to observe the effect of his measure.
  10. We were standing near a table with our hats on–and our position, and the exact appearance of the group, is indelibly fixed on my memory–when a small and youthful-looking man entered the room, and walked up toward us.
  11. We put a book over the top, and walked off with our prize to a table to see what the spider would do.
  12. He walked directly toward that part of the field where the hornet’s nest was, calling Stuyvesant to follow him.
  13. He walked along the platform in the shed, and at the end of the platform he went up three steps, to a door leading into the back kitchen.


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