Use Volumes in a Sentence, How to use “Volumes” in a sentence


Use Volumes in a sentence. How to use the word Volumes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Volumes. Sentence for Volumes.

Use Volumes in a Sentence - How to use "Volumes" in a sentence


Examples of volumes in a sentence

  1. He also published three volumes of poetry.
  2. Are we not like two volumes of one book?
  3. There were thirteen octavo volumes in the set.
  4. You can find it by the letters which are printed on the backs of the volumes.
  5. Representative volumes are Shouts and Murmurs (1922), Enchanted Aisles (1924), While Rome Burns (1934), and Long, Long Ago (1943).
  6. Earthly Paradise; a poem by the English poet, craftsman, and designer William Morris, published in three volumes (1868-1870).
  7. In his last years Beveridge worked on a biography of Lincoln, which was to fill four volumes, but the work was incomplete at his death in Indianapolis, Ind., on April 27, 1927.
  8. They are collected in Clorinda Walks in Heaven (1922), The Black Dog (1923), Fishmonger’s Fiddle (1925), The Field of Mustard (1926), Ninepenny Flute (1937), Tapster’s Tapestry (1939), Lucy in Her Pink Jacket (1954), and other volumes.
  9. Each title serialized in the magazine was also published in tankōbon volumes under Viz’s “Shojo Beat” label.
  10. Viz noted that it periodically removed incomplete series from the magazine to help “keep the magazine fresh” and to allow it to speed up publication of the individual volumes.
  11. His plan was adopted. Certain delights, including several volumes of stories from the Bible, were confined to Sunday.
  12. A series of volumes containing Rose Morton’s Journal for the several months of the year.
  13. A great many volumes have been written on the question without making any progress toward a settlement of it.
  14. Many volumes have been written on the question of the genuineness of these love letters, as they are called, and there is perhaps now no probability that the question will ever be settled.
  15. It was rather too high for Marco to reach it, and so Forester took all the volumes down and placed them on a lower shelf, not far from the window, in a place where Marco could get easy access to them.


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