Use Village in a Sentence, How to use “Village” in a sentence


Use Village in a sentence. How to use the word Village in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Village. Sentence for Village.

Use Village in a Sentence - How to use "Village" in a sentence


Examples of village in a sentence

  1. The population of the village has remained remarkably homogeneous.
  2. There was a little village there, upon the shore of the pond.
  3. The structure and ethos of the village community remained pivotal to the whole system.
  4. Located on the edge of the Cotswolds escarpment, over the Berkeley valley and the Severn river, it is a picturesque village.
  5. Alfriston is a very pretty village with a zoo for children.
  6. He was born on March 31, 1822, in Nikolskoye, a village on the Volga in Simbirsk province, now in Ulyanovsk oblast.
  7. The owner of the fishery, Terry Knight, now lives by running four fishing lakes in Burton Village.
  8. A feeling of normality has returned to this quiet village Now that the killer is behind bars.
  9. “There is a boy that lives down in the village that is always making some fun,” said Phonny.
  10. I recollect that in my boyish days there was a standing quarrel between the boys of a town school and an academy which were in the same village.
  11. Thus there was a little village about these mills, which was generally called the Mill village.
  12. That evening when Beechnut went to the village to get the letters at the post-office, he stopped at the doctor’s on his way, to ask the doctor to call that evening or in the morning at Mrs. Henry’s.
  13. The lake has two names because it is near the tow town, the village Miðvágur calls Lake Letisvatn because the land near the lake is called Leite, and the village Sørvágur, which is just closed from the lake, requires that the name of the lake be in honor of his people, because Midvagsa is based much earlier.


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