Use Vigorously in a Sentence, How to use “Vigorously” in a sentence


Use Vigorously in a sentence. How to use the word Vigorously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vigorously. Sentence for Vigorously.

Use Vigorously in a Sentence - How to use "Vigorously" in a sentence

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Examples of vigorously in a sentence

  1. The congregation sang vigorously and applauded.
  2. Both parties began to prepare vigorously for war.
  3. With an ordinary degree of health and strength, the mind can be vigorously employed at least ten hours a day.
  4. Pliny observes that Zoroaster, the founder of the doctrine of the Magians, smiled on the day of his birth, and beat his head vigorously as a symbol of his wisdom; for thirty years he lived in the desert on cheese.
  5. The prince who received from Esarhaddon the regions of Sais and Memphis, and consequently the most important position, Niku (Necho), was certainly a man who had vigorously supported the new government.
  6. In order to go beyond what had been already achieved brighter colours must be laid on; the power of the imagination must be excited more vigorously, so as to enchain once more the over-excited and wearied spirit.
  7. As the fate of Çakala did not terrify the remaining cities of the Khattias into submission, Alexander caused the inhabitants of two other cities, who fled at his approach, to be vigorously pursued; some hundreds who failed to escape were overtaken and cut down.
  8. Meanwhile he had already overthrown Arpad in the West, which had resisted his predecessors so vigorously in a struggle which continued for three years; received tribute from Karchemish, Damascus, and Tyre; and placed the region of Amanus, Lebanon, Hadrach, and several districts of Hamath under Assyrian viceroys (742-740 B.C.)
  9. There is no state in the ancient East, which, beginning from a reign so small in proportion, and provided with such scanty material means, rose so high as Assyria–which from such a basis attained to a wider supremacy, or maintained it so long and so vigorously.


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