Use Vigorous in a Sentence – How to use “Vigorous” in a sentence


Use Vigorous in a sentence. How to use the word Vigorous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vigorous. Sentence for Vigorous.

Use Vigorous in a Sentence - How to use "Vigorous" in a sentence

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Examples of vigorous in a sentence

  1. A precursor of Maimonides, Ibn Daud waged a vigorous battle against Jewish Neo-Platonism and was the first to formulate a systematic synthesis of Jewish faith along medieval Aristotelian lines.
  2. His paintings—vigorous, striking in color, and soundly developed—include Head of a Man (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City), The Sleeping Peasant (Wallace Collection, London), and The Smoker (Louvre, Paris).
  3. A few of the boys seemed to think that the pencils were possibly within their reach, and they made vigorous efforts to secure them; but the rest wrote on as before.
  4. Between the ages of fifteen and twenty he made a vigorous effort to acquire such an education as would fit him for these duties.
  5. The air on these north-western terraces of the Hindu Kush is warm, and the soil sufficiently vigorous, under irrigation, to produce rice and southern fruits.
  6. We find but scanty relics of any vigorous conception of the gods, of a living mythology; on the whole the mythical element is faded, and the sacrifice of animals thrown into the background.
  7. Setting them aside, the old form of the god of light of the Arians in Iran meets us in vigorous and powerful outlines.
  8. Further, as the water in the river and that which fell from heaven was tempered by the sun’s heat, the growth of the roots and plants was extraordinarily vigorous.
  9. Beautiful to look upon, and filled with vigorous strength, he will shine in the assembly of the people.
  10. It would be futile to attempt to distinguish in detail the exuberant abundance of conceptions and pictures which the young and vigorous fancy of the Indians has embodied in the songs of the Veda.


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