Use View in a Sentence

Use View in a sentence. How to use the word View in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word View.

Definition of View

Examples of View in a sentence

*** Aerial view from a helicopter of the tulip field at Table Cape Tulip Farm in Table Cape, near Wynyard, on the northwest coast of Tasmania.

*** I do not agree with your point of view about abortion.

*** In view of this grove of white birches.

*** A very picturesque view of an old triumphal arch and the hill studded with pine trees on the other side of the stream was obtained from a room in which was found an effigy covered with dust from an old-school god.

*** There is nothing more likely to give you a positive view of life than the cessation of nausea.

*** This misleading view of intonation must have caused unnecessary anxiety to many language learners.

*** On the contrary, the opposite point of view is intellectually more convincing.

*** This envisaged the withdrawal of federal forces from the strategic Prevlaka peninsula with a view to Dubrovnik before August 13.

*** View of the Peloponnese peninsula, where the customs clearance is a thermal source?

*** Maple leaves capture the sun in a hammock view of autumn foliage in the Fox River region of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

*** Simply leaving the corporate zoo, your point of view changes.

*** The police matters that dominate the information come from the impetus of the information issues and the traction of the information to the police matters from the view of the information link.

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