Use Victorious in a Sentence, How to use “Victorious” in a sentence


Use Victorious in a sentence. How to use the word Victorious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Victorious. Sentence for Victorious.

Use Victorious in a Sentence - How to use "Victorious" in a sentence


Examples of victorious in a sentence

  1. Shir Ali was fînally victorious and Abdur Rahman Khan was forced to flee.
  2. When the victorious Chilean army occupied and looted Lima, Cáceres led guerrilla forces from the Andes against the Chileans.
  3. Æneas and the Trojans were victorious, and both Latinus and Turnus were slain.
  4. Where first they sacrifice to him, there Mithra, the lord of wide pastures, descends with the victorious wind.
  5. In his hand is a club with a hundred studs, and a hundred blades, heavy at the end, making havoc of men; bound with brass on the handle, mighty and golden, the strongest and most victorious of weapons.
  6. May not the mightiest, the swiftest, the most victorious of the Yazatas fall upon us.
  7. The prayer to Mithra represents Verethraghna as going before Mithra’s victorious car.
  8. Verethraghna is the best armed of the heavenly spirits, the strongest in might, the most victorious.
  9. Here the power as victorious of fire against the demon takes the first place.
  10. Be thou possessed of swift horses, like the sun, shining like the moon, glowing as fire, sharp as Mithra, a conqueror of enemies like Verethraghna, well grown and victorious as Çraosha.
  11. For three days the battle rages at the gates of Balkh, and at length Siavaksh is victorious.
  12. We saw above that the victorious god Verethraghna appears in the form of a boar, and in that shape accompanies the chariot of Mithra.
  13. Nothing can withstand the lightning of the sky, the sounding winds, and Agni; by his power the gods Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman are victorious.
  14. With the tribes of Iran, the god of the clear sky, the god of light, is Mitra, the victorious champion against darkness and demons.

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