Use Vicious in a Sentence, How to use “Vicious” in a sentence


Use Vicious in a sentence. How to use the word Vicious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vicious. Sentence for Vicious.

Use Vicious in a Sentence - How to use "Vicious" in a sentence

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Definition of Vicious

  • deliberately cruel or violent.

Examples of Vicious in a sentence

  1. Be careful that the mule is a vicious beast, not sure aft of the beam.
  2. The mule is a vicious beast, not sure aft of the beam.
  3. He spent his time in indolence and in vicious indulgences.
  4. This species is not known to be vicious.
  5. He promoted incessant vicious propaganda against the Weimar republic.
  6. And it is just because her observations would be vicious in a table of statistics that they are the best possible basis for conduct.
  7. Nothing could have been kinder than the way Mr. Vanderbridge greeted me, and I could tell as soon as I met his eyes that there wasn’t anything vicious or violent in his nature.
  8. The intention of Sophia was that they should do just as they pleased, and she had no doubt that they would spend their time in such a manner that they would all grow up idle, vicious, and good for nothing.
  9. His original constitution was not vigorous, and he had greatly impaired both his mental and physical powers by his vicious indulgences.
  10. The three young men were, however, nearly of the same age, and being equally unprincipled and dissolute, they banded themselves together in the pursuit and enjoyment of vicious indulgences.
  11. He was unprincipled and vicious, as well as imperious and proud.
  12. Sometimes Darnley followed her, and sometimes he amused himself with hunting, and with various vicious indulgences, at different towns and castles at a distance from her.
  13. In the evening a very gay assembly was convened in the apartments, engaged in deep gaming, and other dissolute and vicious pleasures.
  14. Wealth that is free, and subject to its possessor’s control, so that he can, if he will, occupy himself in the management of it, while it sometimes may make individuals vicious, does not generally corrupt classes of men, for it does not make them idle.


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