Use Vicinity in a Sentence – How to use “Vicinity” in a sentence


Use Vicinity in a sentence. How to use the word Vicinity in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vicinity. Sentence for Vicinity.

Use Vicinity in a Sentence - How to use "Vicinity" in a sentence


Examples of vicinity in a sentence

  1. He bought all the land in the vicinity.
  2. The confederate lords were assembling in that vicinity.
  3. The Ghost Whisperer star’s new home has more unique spots within its vicinity.
  4. A dean is the ecclesiastical functionary presiding over a cathedral church; and, of course, the Dean of Peterborough was the clergyman of the highest rank in that vicinity.
  5. The mothlike adults, whose wings are covered with fine hairs, are often seen clinging to vegetation or flying about in the vicinity of water.
  6. If half a dozen teachers who are associated in the same vicinity would meet once a fortnight, simply to hear each other’s journals, they would be amply repaid for their time and labor.
  7. The expedition passed one night in great terror and dread in the vicinity of Mount Etna, where they had landed.
  8. Then the land in the immediate vicinity was better adapted to the purposes which they had in view.
  9. The armies were thus placed in close vicinity to each other, being separated only by the stream.
  10. There was a gymnasium in the vicinity, where those who intended to enter the lists as competitors were accustomed to put themselves in training.
  11. At any rate, the first intelligence which the inhabitants of Edinburgh and the vicinity had of the arrival of their queen, was the approach of the galleys to the shore, and the firing of a royal salute from their guns.
  12. In this way the royal bride was conveyed through the town to a convent in the vicinity, where she was to rest for the first night, and prepare for continuing her journey to London.
  13. On the arrival of the queen at Southampton, she was conveyed again to a convent in the vicinity of the town, for this was before the days of hotels.


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