Use Very in a Sentence, How to use “Very” in a sentence


Use very in a sentence. Sentence for very. How to use the word very in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word very. How to use “very” with example sentences.

Use Very in a Sentence - How to use "Very" in a sentence


Examples of very in a sentence

*** The Begonia metallica grows easily and can get very tall.

*** Compared to most cities, Cedar Rapids has very little crime.


*** These fish enjoy live and frozen adult brine shrimp and seem to subsist very well on this diet.

*** My services were very solicited, not only for sentimental verses, but for expressions of anger and rather cruel satire.

*** However, protein trees could be as deceptive as rRNA trees for very distantly related organisms.

*** The general index of exports to GDP is very deceptive.

*** Alpha has a weaker star at his side, giving the misleading impression of a very broad double.

*** We spend very little time on the change packaging for fear of deceiving people.


*** But such distinctions can be very deceptive.

*** However, this can be very deceptive.

*** There is convincing evidence of the existence of oligopeptide signaling in plants, which are very similar to those of animals.

*** The article has a convincing although not very subtle eloquence.

*** Result: the histological structure of anencephalus differs primitively and grows very slowly.

*** Note that a frame in free fall can have a speed and acceleration very different from another frame.

*** Ride, acceleration and handling: Very good everywhere.

** A new horn of this caliber would be very expensive.

*** This corroborated his own impression that it was of very high caliber, close to the first rank.

*** For a very private person, weddings feel like a splendid exercise in voyeurism. Think about it.


*** Our three complexes are very close to each other on the Bodrum peninsula.

*** I know you’ve been working hard, but I’m not very clear about paying overtime.

*** You are very handsome in your yarmulke.

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