Venerable in a Sentence

How to use the word Venerable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Venerable.

Examples of Venerable in a sentence

*** The cathedral is a venerable building.

*** Columbia was a young city compared to the venerable Charleston.

*** We plan to visit the venerable ruins of the abbey.

*** May Day has become a venerable institution.

*** The battle was the venerable one of pure art, formalist versus art with a social function.

*** Miami’s venerable red and cream two-story floors rumbled along the Thames embankment for the last time in 1963.

*** I silently prayed for peace to those venerable remains.

*** In December 1994, for example, the venerable retailer had an increase in sales in the same store of 7. 3 percent.

*** He celebrated three venerable Cleveland institutions.

*** Appeared before three or four venerable knights who gave him a lecture on how to behave in the Far East.

*** But now the venerable types go their separate ways.

*** Until that day, this venerable letter, like a kidnapped virgin, will be jealously guarded by those who have signed it.

*** Hell, even the venerable New York Times devoted a lot of ink to the whole exaggerated affair.

*** As for the deans, there is an ancient and venerable tradition of the foolish saint.

*** Breakspear was more venerable and less ostentatious than most universities.

*** While the church burned, parishioners brought out venerable items, including a safe where the books were kept.

*** At his death, Venerable Bede gave his spices to his fellow priests.

*** The video subsystem was the venerable Trident 8900C Super VGA card.

*** In this, they followed a venerable tradition.

*** This is what he has done to the venerable game of golf and our conception of what is and is not possible.

*** Maybe you still value these venerable institutions, and although you see weaknesses in them, you are working to see how they change.

*** The attorney-client privilege against compulsory testimony is the most venerable privilege of the law.

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