Use Various in a Sentence, How to use “Various” in a sentence


How to use the word Various in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Various.

Use Various in a Sentence - How to use "Various" in a sentence


Examples of Various in a sentence

  1. Building upon earlier psychoanalytical work, she formulated and illustrated the operation of various defensive mechanisms as adjustive strategies in personality development.
  2. Most of these states have had kings, assisted and even held in check by councils representing various lineage groups and regions within the state.
  3. Various types and subtypes of masks are also known.
  4. On some models a toggle switch activates various combinations of the microphones.
  5. Recent versions of this lamp incorporate various major improvements such as a modified vapor content, modified electrode design, and phosphor coatings on the inner surface of the glass bulb.
  6. Other schools in Abidjan include the Scientific Research Institute, which offers courses of study in various fields of science, and several technical institutes, specializing in hygiene, rubber research, and tropical and citrus fruit culture.
  7. The cost of various units may be combined or merged to obtain the cost of a larger or more complex unit.
  8. This is especially evident in the production of inventory items where costs of various items of raw material, semi-finished parts or components, direct labor, and overhead are combined to establish the cost of the unit of finished goods.
  9. Objective To study the various morphological changes and regularities in the primary oncotic spermatocytes of the patient’s semen.
  10. War contracts during two world wars, as well as during various peacekeeping periods, created a need for profit and cost control for the protection of the public.
  11. If in doubt, consult an accountant or lawyer who will help you resolve the various angles after taxes and others.
  12. There are various forms of balance sheets, but the most commonly used is the “account form,” illustrated for a mythical ABC Company.
  13. Various functions within these communities, such as preaching, teaching, and presiding at the Eucharist, were eventually stabilized into permanent ministries.
  14. Religious objects blessed by a priest, such as rosaries, crucifixes, holy water, and images of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, or the saints, are sacramentals, as are various actions, such as the sign of the cross.
  15. The best attempt to summarize certain general differences between styles of life in various regions of Subsaharan Africa is that by Melville J. Herskovits.
  16. Three-quarters of state contributions are expenditures on military needs; In addition, there are subsidies to various colonies and colonial railroads and cables, and spending on penitentiaries; an item that can not be charged to the colonies.
  17. Fully three-fourths of the state contributions is expenditure on military necessities; in addition there are subventions to various colonies and to colonial railways and cables, and the expenditure on the penitentiary establishments; an item not properly chargeable to the colonies.
  18. In the ordinary methods, a differentially wound receiving instrument was used, one coil being connected with the cable Company and the various Atlantic cables, are worked duplex on method of duplexing a cable was described by Lord Muirhead’s plan.
  19. Various methods of making the connexions between the large main cables and the subscribers are in use.
  20. In addition, the history of the minimum power method and the least squares method, the multiple solutions and the various effects of the outliers in the regression line are analyzed.
  21. The new Netflix production, which published its first images a week ago, was harshly criticized by various organizations worldwide for “promoting gordophobia.”

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