Use Varieties in a Sentence, How to use “Varieties” in a sentence


Use Varieties in a sentence. How to use the word Varieties in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Varieties. Sentence for Varieties.

Varieties - Sentence for Varieties - Use Varieties in a Sentence


Examples of Varieties in a sentence

  1. Some varieties have yellowish flesh and others pink.
  2. You can find many varieties, and they are classified according to the colour of the flowers.
  3. Control measures include breeding resistant varieties and the use of chemicals.
  4. Hooded and common varieties breed in cavities, preferably in stumps or hollow trees, but the red-breasted breeds on the ground under dense cover.
  5. There are both rough- and smooth-haired varieties; the common American beagle is smooth-haired.
  6. Only a few varieties of this South American plant are grown indoors.
  7. Liquid fuels include petroleum which is processed to form various varieties of liquid fuels such diesel, naphtha, kerosene, etc.
  8. There are many varieties of fruits according to the season which kids like very much.
  9. Many varieties are available and you will find this plant with white, pink, red, or blue flowers.
  10. Corn smut can be controlled by destroying the boils before they release spores, by the development of smut-resistant varieties of corn, and by careful soil sanitation.
  11. In order to fix the correct ceremonial of the sacrifice, the true ritual for purification, expiation, and penance, amid such varieties of practice, it was necessary to go back to the Veda.
  12. Of course there were all varieties of character among the nuns; some of them were selfish and disagreeable, others were benevolent and kind.
  13. There were angels and cherubs in every imaginable form and position, and countless other varieties of statues, bas reliefs, and inscriptions, which excited in Rollo, as he walked among them, a perpetual sentiment of wonder.
  14. Gardeners of great experience and skill were constantly employed in cultivating the parterres, pruning the fruit-trees and the vines, preserving the walks, and introducing new varieties of vegetation.

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