Use Variable in a Sentence, How to use “Variable” in a sentence


Use Variable in a sentence. How to use the word Variable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Variable. Sentence for Variable.

Use Variable in a Sentence - How to use "Variable" in a sentence


Examples of variable in a sentence

  1. In the regression, we can have only one dependent variable in our estimation equation.
  2. His variable regression and autoregression model is presented in time.
  3. Hancock also faces charges of deceptive sales practices in a lawsuit pending in Florida related to variable life insurance policies written in the 1980s.
  4. In the women’s clothing industry, designers can offer a style without absurdity through color, variable hems, embellishment and more.
  5. In Listing 5, the CriteriaBuilder factory (represented by the variable cb) creates an avg() expression and uses that expression in the query’s select() clause.
  6. While the date of Passover (and Easter) was calculated according to a fixed date in a lunar calendar, it had to be expressed as a variable date in the imperial or Julian solar calendar, which most Christians followed in daily life.
  7. Perhaps we may sum up the general characteristics of this preliterary Latin out of which both the spoken and written language developed by saying that it showed a tendency to analysis rather than synthesis, a loose and variable grammatical structure, and a lack of logic in expression.
  8. Of course the common people tried to imitate their betters in all these matters, but the old variable usages persisted to some extent, and the average man failed to grasp the niceties of the new grammar at many points.

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