Use Vapor in a Sentence, How to use “Vapor” in a sentence


Use Vapor in a sentence. How to use the word Vapor in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vapor. Sentence for Vapor.

Use Vapor in a Sentence - How to use "Vapor" in a sentence


Examples of Vapor in a sentence

  1. Benzene vapor is heavier than air, but when warmed it rises and spreads easily.
  2. Stay away from vapor storage space possibly read injuries.
  3. If they are finer still, like vapor or fog, I should think that they would fall still more slowly; but still I should suppose that they would descend.
  4. For a moment she rebelled against the stifling vapor and tried to drag his hand away; but, finding him determined, she yielded, and soon was stupefied.
  5. The air was keen and frosty, and the breaths of the boys were visible by the vapor which was condensed by the cold.
  6. The view of these peaks was occasionally obstructed by masses of vapor which were floating along the tops of the mountain ranges; but still they were seen frequently enough to fill the minds both of Rollo and Mr. George with wonder and delight.
  7. While Rollo was looking at this break, which seemed, while he looked at it, to brighten up and open more and more, he saw suddenly, to his utter amazement, a large green tree burst into view in the midst of it, and then disappear again a moment afterwards as a fresh mass of cloudy vapor drifted over.
  8. In some cases a thin thread of water, like the jet from a fire engine, came slowly over the brink of a precipice a thousand feet in the air, and, gliding smoothly down for a few hundred feet, was then lost entirely in vapor or spray.
  9. On coming out upon the brow of the mountain, Rollo saw at a short distance before him an immense column of dense white vapor pouring up into the air.


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