Use Vague in a Sentence – How to use “Vague” in a sentence


Use Vague in a sentence. How to use the word Vague in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vague. Sentence for Vague.

Use Vague in a Sentence - How to use "Vague" in a sentence

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Examples of Vague in a sentence

  1. Symptoms may be vague at first and include fever, headache, spasms of the arms, neck, thighs, and weakness.
  2. The startled horror flashed from the vague wonder of her expression.
  3. By positing the vague conception of ‘pertinent effects’ Poulantzas overcomes this particular problem.
  4. It speaks directly to the eye, and is more full of meaning than the Phonetic method, though the meaning is necessarily more vague and indistinct, in some respects, while it is less so in others.
  5. It ‘s about gun violence, not gun control Gun control is a vague label attached to policy ideas.
  6. A vague recollection of the lost children of his daughter Rhea immediately flashed across Numitor’s mind.
  7. But it happened, unfortunately, that the rules for the interpretation of auguries and omens, were far too indefinite and vague to answer the purpose for which they were now appealed to.
  8. To a child there is nothing more serious, nothing more real and regular, than the products of his imagination, and nothing more vague, whimsical, irregular, than the unexplained orders which he receives from grown people.
  9. The feeling of apprehension, of vague uneasiness, which had come to me when I entered the iron doors, swept over me in a wave while I sat there in the soft glow of the shaded electric light.
  10. I could feel it, vague and dark, while we talked about the war and the remote possibilities of peace in the spring.
  11. One could scarcely call it horror, because it was too vague, too impalpable, for so vivid a name; yet, after all these quiet months, horror is the only word I can think of that in any way expresses the emotion which pervaded the house.


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