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Examples of Usually in a sentence

*** When a series of cables follow the same route, they are usually placed in ducts formed by earthenware or cement ducts; Iron pipes are used when the amount of cables is small.

*** Falsetto; in music, a method used by male singers, usually tenors, to produce pitches above the ordinary range of their voices.

*** He is usually depicted as a dwarf with a large bearded face, shaggy eyebrows, long hair, large projecting ears, a flat nose, and a protruding tongue.

*** The lineage usually has claim to specific political offices in the larger community as well, posts held by one or more of the qualifîed older men, who thereby represent their lineage in community affairs.

*** Further, oral traditions that record the introduction or invention of art forms are usually not complete enough or detailed enough to serve as doeumentary evidence.

*** Skills and craft specializations were usually based on the s.x of the specialist; generally women were potters, and men were woodcarvers and metalworkers.

*** Where evidence exists, it would seem to indicate that the artist was assigned a special status, usually low on the social scale.

*** It is usually done by women, and there seems to be a great diversity of styles, although the painting within a given geographical and ethnic area often falls into a single style complex.

*** Gold, particularly in West Africa, is usually associated with leadership.

*** The end of a sentence that is not a question is usually marked by descending intonation.

*** In human reproduction, a female ovum is usually fertilized by a sperm.

*** Donald had heard that a man in each firing squad is usually given a rifle loaded with a blank cartridge.

*** The security verification test will usually be carried out in a testing institution accredited by the Ministry of Health.

*** Yesterday it was Donald Trump, usually his rival, who gave the impulse.

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