Use Using in a Sentence

Use Using in a sentence. How to use the word Using in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Using.

Definition of Using

Examples of Using in a sentence

*** They are using a new prospecting method to search for oil.

*** Methods: using the principle and method of ontological classification.

*** Using binary notation is, in fact, just manipulating ones and zeros.

*** Donald is using theories on the frontier of astrophysics.

*** Using a mouthwash regularly refreshes the breath.

*** Using photographs of his subjects, he had silk screens made from them in mass quantity in his studio, which he named “the factory.”

*** They have evolved complicated market and trading networks, using controlled currencies and professional tradesmen, and have developed a relatively high degree of labor specialization.

*** Using multiple linear regression analysis, gastritis with atrophy was the only factor that had an independent negative effect on acid secretion.

*** The decision to use regression. On the second visit, Maxine had become quite adept at using the techniques she had taught him.

*** It was partly able to overcome the continuous obstructionism by using regression analysis techniques to estimate the characteristics of the load.

*** Potential prognostic factors were investigated using the Cox proportional hazards regression model.

*** Time trends and age at the time of diagnosis were evaluated with a linear regression model using the least squares method.

*** Static state models of an EGO sensor were obtained using the piecewise polynomial method and the non-linear regression analysis method based on the experimental data available.

*** Methodologically, these funds are studied using regression data from the panel because this regression is more efficient.

*** Using the simulated radar signals, we analyze the parasitic echo suppression performance of the regression filter.

*** The data were analyzed using variance and multiple regression analysis.

*** Remove surplus after application, using a large soft brush.

*** The parameters in the model, obtained using the sectional non-linear regression method, seemed to be in good agreement with those published in the literature.


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