Use Useless in a Sentence, How to use “Useless” in a sentence


Use Useless in a sentence. How to use the word Useless in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Useless. Sentence for Useless.

Use Useless in a Sentence - How to use "Useless" in a sentence

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Definition of Useless

  1. Does not meet or does not expect to achieve the objective or the desired result.
  2. not have skill or ability in a specific activity or area.

Examples of Useless in a sentence

  1. Then the hungry, useless, ragged and stupid infidels prostrated themselves and worshiped the System.
  2. It was quite useless, I saw, to reason with her.
  3. It is useless to resist, thought she; indeed, why should I wish to?
  4. They do one thing at a time, and that without useless solicitude and anxiety.
  5. In the fall of 1864, Sterling Price led a brilliant but useless Confederate raid across the state, along the Missouri River, and was only forced to retreat southward by the defeat at Westport (Kansas City).
  6. What I contend against is the endless multiplicity of useless works, hastily conceived and carelessly executed, and which serve no purpose but to employ uselessly talents which, if properly applied, might greatly benefit both the community and the possessor.
  7. In one sense it is boyishness, for it is boys, and not men, that take pleasure in possessing useless animals.
  8. Useless!” said Phonny, “do you call a gray squirrel useless?”
  9. She stopped him, took him by the hand, urged him to restrain his useless anger, and calmed and quieted him with soothing words.
  10. It is useless for you to struggle against inevitable destiny, or to attempt to take vengeance on mere human means and instrumentalities.
  11. Before there was a palace and city and city wall on the eastern bank, a permanent bridge was not merely not required and useless; it would have been a dangerous piece of folly for the city, which would simply have facilitated the approach to an enemy coming from the east.


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