Use Usefulness in a Sentence, How to use “Usefulness” in a sentence


Use Usefulness in a sentence. How to use the word Usefulness in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Usefulness.

Use Usefulness in a Sentence - How to use "Usefulness" in a sentence


Examples of Usefulness in a sentence

  1. *** The usefulness of a dictionary also depends on its organization in alphabetical order.
  2. *** I hope I can never survive my usefulness.
  3. *** Glass stone is a major defect that damages the diaphaneity and appearance of glass and reduces the usefulness of glass products.
  4. *** But the usefulness of the cards can vary according to the species of mosquito and the geographical region, says van den Hurk.
  5. *** The smallest spatial analysis, a statistical technique to create a spatial representation of data, is examined to evaluate its usefulness for analyzing the data of space use.
  6. *** The army finally recognized the usefulness of German shepherd dogs during the First World War.
  7. *** However, if the patent is likely to lose its usefulness in less than 17 years, the amortization should be based on the shortest period of estimated useful life.
  8. *** Unfortunately, most of their equations involve too many coefficients “to be determined”, which restricts their usefulness.
  9. *** By measuring the number of calls and the time needed to resolve them, the IT manager can judge the usefulness of the position.
  10. *** After its usefulness in other domains was realized, it was redesigned as a visualizer of general scientific data.
  11. *** Objective To evaluate the usefulness of the lateral shadow-metric film of the head (HSMLF) in the diagnosis of anterior-maxillary incisors (MAED).
  12. *** Effective treatments for NDP exist, but many have side effects that limit their usefulness, and few studies have sufficient information about the effects of treatment on function and quality of life.
  13. *** Objective To investigate the usefulness of the ultrasonic probe through the bronchoscope to diagnose diseases under the bronchial mucosa.
  14. *** The reform measures that have had a positive impact on the usefulness of the decision include the method to present the financial statements and the method to present the long-term liabilities.

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