Use Used to in a Sentence, How to use “Used to” in a sentence


Use Used to in a sentence. How to use the word Used to in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Used to. Sentence for Used to.

Use Used to in a Sentence - How to use "Used to" in a sentence


Examples of used to in a sentence

  1. He remarried, and I used to have to sneak around to see him …
  2. The ofice form is used to manage the data from the near-end office.
  3. A simple parameter extraction algorithm is used to comply with the real-time control of the micro robot.
  4. The other system emphasized that alliances could be maintained through new nuptials and could be used to improve social status.
  5. The authors suggested that gas chromatography in the large-bore capillary be used to measure the amount of residual chloroethylene monomer in the bottom of the screen.
  6. The Shanghai subsidiary of Deloitte, one of the four largest accounting firms in the world, used to be the auditor of Longtop, a Chinese financial software company.
  7. In syntax 1, the operator – is the arithmetic subtraction operator used to find the difference between two numbers.
  8. The oil was used to make soap.
  9. Space shuttles can be used to launch and maintain satellites.
  10. It used to be grown mostly in hanging baskets but is now cultivated on arches or trellises.
  11. Silk, secreted by the larvae, is used to bind these materials together.
  12. The dried stamens of the fall-blooming crocus, C. sativus, are the source of saffron that is used to flavor and color foods.
  13. Carbon dioxide scrubbing variants exist based on potassium carbonate which can be used to create liquid fuels, though this process requires a great deal of energy input.
  14. Potassium hydroxide reacts readily with carbon dioxide to produce potassium carbonate , and is used to remove traces of the gas from air.
  15. There are so many of them, and sometimes we are so used to having a character that we forget that they are animals first!

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