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Use used in a sentence. How to use the word used in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word used.

Definition of used

Examples of used in a sentence

*** He used the term to denote the sum of the masses of the particles of a system, each mass being divided by its distance from a given point.

*** The other main contender is the approach of the style sheet used by Ventura.

*** I used to give extremely boring, turgid and downright boring speeches.

*** He used to be an accountant in the company.

*** I think he used to be an accountant.

*** Therefore, we omitted the analysis time and used logistic regression to identify additional risk factors.

*** Objective: To observe the clinical effect of the iodoform paste of calcium hydroxide used in the disinfection of the root canal in the periapical abscess with sinuses.

*** I used to respect Blu Aardvark.

*** Greater than the electrostatic deflection of the old plate, the folded one is used in aberration.

*** The technique of in situ hybridization was used to detect chromosomal aberration in tumor tissues.

*** Another method, used especially for figures, was to pour the clay into a mold.

*** Paddles are used especially to propel canoes and kayaks.

*** The lake also appears to have been used as a dumping ground for unwanted cooking utensils.

*** The test shows that there is a good effect when the sound wave is used in the cartridge fliter at the base of the pulse injection.

*** The activation environment, the reaction temperature, the catalyst transmission time, the gas flow rate were used to study the best catalyst.

*** I can hardly believe it’s been more than eight years since you used to go camping in Cedar Creek.

*** Solar panels are used to power satellites.

*** I’ll have clothes, rich cigars, the best liquor meats … I’ll collect money from the bushes like I used to pick beans when I was a kid.

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