Use “used for” in a Sentence

Use “used for” in a sentence. How to use the word “used for” in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word “used for”.

Definition of “used for”

Examples of “used for” in a sentence

*** Consequently, safes should be used for the purpose for which they are designed.

*** The theory of gas-tight thermodynamics was used to analyze the rapid plenum process of the bladder accumulator used for samples of deep-sea microbes.

*** Since the logic values are manipulated in the accumulator used for fixed-point binary arithmetic, separate loading and storage instructions are not required.

*** Stone, ivory, and bone have also been used for sculpture.

*** Linear regression was used for comparison with different variables.

*** The Multiple Output Support Vector Regression (MSVR) algorithm can be used for data regression of multiple outputs of multiple outputs.

*** Allow undissolved energy to settle, usually several hours. Pour the clear solution into a separate container used for the dosing device.

*** Automatic Start Function (ATS): A preset throttle position, minus the full throttle, which will be used for initial acceleration off the line without having to turn the wheel.

*** A method of data processing used for accelerometer dynamometry is proposed.

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