Use Upset in a Sentence – How to use “Upset” in a sentence


Use Upset in a sentence. How to use the word Upset in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Upset. Sentence for Upset.

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Examples of Upset in a sentence

  • Man at table 24 had every right to be upset.
  • “We might upset the inkstands,” said another.
  • “Are you afraid that we shall upset?” asked Marco.
  • This upset Lenin, who needed the bank robberies to raise money.
  • That word “sneaked” was apparently new to them; it upset their gravity.
  • The young man rose from his chair, which he clumsily upset.
  • “You looked so upset I thought you might have seen something,” she said.
  • “Perhaps we shall upset in the rips,” said some of the boys.
  • Quietness, peace, and an aspect of repose may be found in both cases; but in the one case every new movement threatens an upset.
  • The bride-to-be immediately got upset over how “flashy” the garb was and realized the author could “outshine” her.
  • Elaine, upset, tells him that she had given it to him to thank him for the dental work he had done on her, and they end up kissing passionately.
  • He had already lived through World War I and he was very upset about all the evil in this world.
  • “Yes, Rollo,” said his father, “there is some danger, for sail boats do sometimes upset.”
  • Marco had observed, all the morning, that when the coach canted to one side or the other, on account of the unevenness of the road, the sailor always started and looked anxious, as if afraid it was going to be upset.
  • The road was rather rough, and there were many ruts and joltings; and one or two of the passengers seemed to feel some fear lest the stage should upset.
  • Then you all got into it and paddled about a while, and afterward got carried over the rips and upset in the water.


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