Use Unwanted in a Sentence, How to use “Unwanted” in a sentence


How to use the word Unwanted in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Unwanted.

Use Unwanted in a Sentence - How to use "Unwanted" in a sentence

Examples of Unwanted in a sentence

  1. Further, the military weakness of the African states forces an unwanted reliance on Europe for national security, both against external foes and against internal subversion.
  2. This notice should keep unwanted visitors.
  3. Even the basic grain market lacks variety, which means unwanted surpluses and lower prices for the producer.
  4. Finding things to do with unwanted household waste will always be technically difficult.
  5. Apple snails will enjoy a vacation in any tank that overindulges with algae, or unwanted plants.
  6. An expert achieved unwanted fame by stating categorically that it was no longer technically possible to build modern aircraft with wood.
  7. He never again inflated to dangerous proportions, but his battle with the unwanted charge turned out to be a lifelong struggle.
  8. Spam includes unwanted advertisements, hate mail and religious exhortations in newsgroups, almost always off topic.
  9. ​​Flexibility for employers means new opportunities to save money and lay off unwanted workers.
  10. Unwanted unwanted babies may begin to seem more acceptable at this time.
  11. Could it be one of those temptations of draws that would bury me under a dune of unwanted magazines?
  12. There are several ways in which you can remove unwanted hair, including waxing or electrolysis in a room.
  13. Feigning indifference, he walked away from all the unwanted attention.
  14. Trying to force people into unwanted roles violates the most basic principle of Western culture.
  15. Some, like Yorkshire, have battle plans already resolved to repel unwanted bidders.
  16. This time, the owner of Drew Nicol’s bar on Cockburn Street tried a new approach to prevent unwanted theft.
  17. Recipes with imagination and flavor, rich in flavor, no calories or unwanted fats.
  18. More than a third of what we capture is returned to the sea as unwanted.
  19. Both are reluctant to talk about their plans, for fear of attracting unwanted attention from the insurance industry.
  20. The stereotype is of stories related exclusively to drugs and unwanted pregnancies.
  21. But then, she was at home, not the unwanted guest of Rachaela.

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