Unsuccessful in a sentence


Use unsuccessful in a sentence. Sentence for unsuccessful. How to use the word unsuccessful in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word unsuccessful. How to use “unsuccessful” with example sentences.

Definition of unsuccessful

Examples of unsuccessful in a sentence

*** He represented the King in the unsuccessful negotiations with the Parliamentarians at Uxbridge in Febraary 1645, and after the surrender of the last of the Boyalist forces in April 1646 he accompanied the Queen to Paris.

*** Although he was soon released, his mission proved unsuccessful.


*** Based on historical events, the play traces Lincoln’s career from unsuccessful storekeeper to president-elect of the United States.

*** Some of the best known of his works were the comedies The Way to Keep Him (1760) and The Old Maid (1761); the unsuccessful What We Must All Come To (1764), later revived successfully as Three Weeks After Marriage (1776) ; The School for Guardians (1767) ; and Know Your Own Mind (1778).

*** After two unsuccessful publishing ventures, he became associated (1845) with Samuel F.B. Morse in the ownership and management of Morse’s electric telegraph patents.


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