Use University in a Sentence, How to use “University” in a sentence


Use University in a sentence. How to use the word University in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word University. Sentence for University.

Use University in a Sentence - How to use "University" in a sentence


Examples of university in a sentence

  1. Aerial photographic units of Aerofilms and the University of Cambridge have extensive coverage of gardens and parks of cottages.
  2. I went to the university at night, to become an accountant.
  3. For this very important position Kingo wisely chose one of the most distinguished and respected teachers at the university, Prof. Bartholin, a brother of his former rector.
  4. Cohen was born in Coswig, Anhalt, on Tuly 4, 1842, and studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Breslau and at the University of Berlin.
  5. With their combination of energetic movement and heavy shadows, they evoke richly the atmosphere of the city and university life.
  6. They are accepted, or vetoed, by the staff of the university known as the Congregation.
  7. Functional analysis on the educational impetus of extracurricular activities in the university.
  8. He graduated from Hillerød in the spring of 1654, and enrolled at the university of Copenhagen on May 6 of the same year.
  9. But a terrific outbreak of the plague forced the university to close on May 30, and Kingo returned to his home.
  10. The rules of the university required each student, at the beginning of his course, to choose a preceptor, a sort of guardian who should direct his charge in his studies and counsel him in his personal life and conduct.
  11. Meanwhile he applied himself diligently to his work at the university.
  12. Kingo’s last months at the university were disturbed by a new war with Sweden that for a while threatened the independent existence of the country, a threat which was averted only by the ceding of some of its
    finest provinces.
  13. Pastor Worm had married thrice and had a large family of children of all ages from a babe in arms to a
    son at the university.
  14. The boys completed their course at Ribe and entered the university of Copenhagen, Nicolaj in the fall of 1710 and the younger brothers a year later.

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