Use Unique in a Sentence, How to use “Unique” in a sentence


Use Unique in a sentence. How to use the word Unique in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Unique.

Use Unique in a Sentence - How to use "Unique" in a sentence


Definition of Unique

  • being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Examples of Unique in a sentence

  1. ***Rickettsia is a unique genus classified between a virus and a bacteria.
  2. ***The slope-intercept form is unique.
  3. ***One of the unique things about the U.S dollar system is that all of the notes are the same size.
  4. ***A serial number is a unique number used for identification.
  5. ***The term “British” is often used to describe something unique to the UK, for example British people.
  6. ***The factorization of every number is unique.
  7. ***Programming is a unique profession because a programmer can work from a computer anywhere in the world.
  8. ***The lung is a unique organ where blood vessels become narrower when oxygen is low.
  9. ***Their third album is unique.
  10. ***In some countries, the identifier is unique in the entire country.
  11. ***A different culture was created by a unique paper called Japanese paper.
  12. ***The skull of Epidexipteryx is also unique in a number of features.
  13. ***Abalone have unique features: the shell is round, with two to three spirals.
  14. ***Chemical elements are also given a unique chemical symbol.
  15. ***The main isotopes of hydrogen are unique because they are the only isotopes that has a name
  16. ***Sandwiches made with different types of bread might be given unique names.
  17. ***The brick color is unique to the university and used throughout the campus.
  18. *** Material objects also frequently have features unique to a tribe.
  19. *** Often, such unique appearances are warnings against aberration, not against marriage.
  20. *** To be successful in your mission, you must have a unique devotion to your goal.
  21. *** The Neva River, together with its numerous channels and its embankments and granite bridges, give the city a unique and striking atmosphere.
  22. *** Schumann’s classic songs are unique in the selection of lyrics, melody, rhythm, symphony, sonata form and piano accompaniment, which has shaped his style.

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