Use Unintelligible in a Sentence, How to use “Unintelligible” in a sentence


Use Unintelligible in a sentence. How to use the word Unintelligible in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Unintelligible. Sentence for Unintelligible.

Use Unintelligible in a Sentence - How to use "Unintelligible" in a sentence


Examples of Unintelligible in a sentence

  1. Even this simplified map suggests a linguistic situation of considerable complexity, for these few categories inelude at least 1,000 different and mutually unintelligible languages spoken on the continent.
  2. Unintelligible legislation is the denial of the rule of law and parliamentary democracy.
  3. Dolphin sounds are unintelligible to humans.
  4. He turned around and muttered something unintelligible.
  5. His script was unintelligible.
  6. Much of the jargon they use is unintelligible to outsiders.
  7. He mumbled something unintelligible and fell silent.
  8. Under these conditions new mutually unintelligible languages ​​will emerge.
  9. The answer, a strange sound of breathing, and an unintelligible and totally strange chatter.
  10. He muttered something unintelligible.
  11. Dolphin sounds are unintelligible to humans and cover a wider range of frequencies than we can hear or differentiate.
  12. It is very annoying to have unintelligible chatter somewhere behind you while you watch the fish or hit the eggs.
  13. Most of these symbols, although unintelligible to the lay public, have great significance and value for nurses.
  14. Sometimes, even speaking in an unintelligible foreign language can be enlightening.
  15. She croaked something unintelligible.
  16. The words slang often sound ugly and unintelligible to outsiders.
  17. Donald muttered something unintelligible, clasping his head in his hands.
  18. When they tried to interrogate him, they received unintelligible answers and realized that he was drunk.
  19. His anger was so great that he could barely speak. He growled some unintelligible words at Pete.
  20. As he did so, he heard Angel One’s harsh voice scream something unintelligible.
  21. Nathan’s face contracted in a grimace of pain and he muttered something unintelligible as he smoothed himself with an antiseptic cream.
  22. The importation of workers with brown skins who speak unintelligible languages ​​is allowed.
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