Use Understood in a Sentence, How to use “Understood” in a sentence


Use Understood in a sentence. How to use the word Understood in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Understood. Sentence for Understood.

Use Understood in a Sentence - How to use "Understood" in a sentence

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Examples of Understood in a sentence

  1. Actually you understand that bleeding-heart liberals wouldn’t really understood what constitutional civil rights mean.
  2. The man and the congregation captured the change in the wing, adapted and filled an emptiness created by forces that not all understood.
  3. Non-regular sexual behavior may be understood as sexual preference and attraction not with opposite sex but with same sex persons.
  4. My pupils would make resolutions enough; they understood their duty well enough.
  5. I wish, however, that it may be distinctly understood that all I contend for is the _principles_ themselves, no matter what the particular measures are by which they are secured.
  6. Still, it is waste; and it ought to be so understood, that, by the gradual perfection of the machinery, it may be more and more fully prevented.
  7. Let me not be understood to recommend exactly this method of teaching spelling as the best one to be adopted in all cases.
  8. These directions, if understood and obeyed, would divide the class evidently into two portions.
  9. But let it be distinctly understood that this, and this only, has been the object of this chapter thus far.
  10. In speaking of this common ground, and in commenting upon it, I wish not to be understood that I consider these truths as comprising all that is essential in Christianity.
  11. The design of inserting them is merely to show that the ordinary literary ability to be found in every school may be turned to useful account by simply opening a channel for it, and to furnish such teachers as may be inclined to try the experiment the means of making the plan clearly understood by their pupils.
  12. That the reader may understand to what extent I mean to be understood to recommend this, I will subjoin a form, such as in spirit I suppose such a prayer ought to be.


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