Use Understand in a Sentence

Use Understand in a sentence. How to use the word Understand in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Understand.

Definition of Understand

1. perceive the desired meaning of (words, a language or a speaker).

2. interpret or see (something) in a particular way.

Examples of Understand in a sentence

*** Let’s understand well, I’m the boss.

*** Being in China, this is a moment of excitement and regression to understand order outside of chaos.

*** The prerequisite for communicative activities is to understand the language of the speaker.

*** One is its complexity, both for the authorities to administer it and for ordinary people to understand them.

*** Technology companies understand that adolescents are capable of producing high caliber jobs.

*** For a long time I could not understand how someone of your caliber could remain so loyally loyal to an undeserving employer.

*** Recent observations of noctilucent clouds in all kinds of latitudes provide an additional impulse to understand what is happening there.

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