Use Unconsciousness in a Sentence, How to use “Unconsciousness” in a sentence


Use Unconsciousness in a sentence. How to use the word Unconsciousness in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Unconsciousness. Sentence for Unconsciousness.

Use Unconsciousness in a Sentence - How to use "Unconsciousness" in a sentence

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Examples of Unconsciousness in a sentence

  1. It produces temporary unconsciousness.
  2. This showed an alarming unconsciousness of her presence.
  3. Unconsciousness may follow rapidly and about a fourth of all serious cases end fatally.
  4. Sometimes a brief period of unconsciousness or fainting may ensue.
  5. Headache remedies and sleep-producing drugs produce drowsiness, sleep, and sometimes unconsciousness.
  6. It was long before either of us got to sleep that night, and Mildred moaned a little under her breath as she sank into unconsciousness.
  7. What the particular cause of the sufferer’s unconsciousness was he could only guess.
  8. In the flickering firelight the young man studied the face of his charge at leisure, and he saw that she was singularly handsome; but there seemed to be a certain hardness in her face, relaxed in unconsciousness though it was.
  9. Making little Elizabeth presents of gold and silver plate, and arranging splendid pageants for her, were not the only plans for her aggrandizement which were formed during the period of her infantile unconsciousness.
  10. The improvement commenced in November, about eight or ten months after he first fell into the state of unconsciousness.
  11. We obtain a pretty clear idea of the state of imbecility or unconsciousness in which he had been lying from the account of what he did and said at the interview when the little prince was first brought into his presence.
  12. In a deserted place they were set upon by four armed Arabs, who beat the old man to unconsciousness as he tried, in vain, to defend the girl from the terrible fate which awaited her.
  13. The groans of my older comrades, whose gasps and prayers I could hear through the walls of the cell, helped me bear the agony until unconsciousness mercifully came to the rescue.


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