Use Unconscious in a Sentence – How to use “Unconscious” in a sentence


How to use the word Unconscious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Unconscious.

Use Unconscious in a Sentence - How to use "Unconscious" in a sentence


Examples of Unconscious in a sentence

  1. The strong hand of the doctor lifted her from the unconscious man and gently put her aside.
  2. In a certain sense he is not to blame for this, for he is wholly unconscious of the disturbance he makes.
  3. Mary herself, though unconscious of her own coronation, mourned bitterly over that of her son.
  4. The mysterious principle had fled with the parting breath, and Elizabeth, though wholly unconscious of it, had been for several hours the queen.
  5. That gentleman, turning from her, dropped on his knees and made a hurried examination of the unconscious man.
  6. First, he had to bear the unconscious woman up the steep trail to the hut; then he should have to go many miles afoot to summon Dr. Malbone.
  7. In this work she emphasized the therapeutic and theoretical significance, for understanding psychodynamics, of a careful analysis of the ego’s unconscious defensive mechanisms.
  8. He will become drowsy and gradually unconscious.
  9. The confiding animal, unconscious of any danger, had strayed away from the herdsman’s grounds to this grove, and had gone down to the brook to drink.
  10. The visitor, serenely unconscious of the fact, has diverted the enemy.
  11. Wilder knelt beside the unconscious woman and with eager hands loosened her clothing.
  12. They were very costly, though not prized much yet by the unconscious infant for whom they were intended.
  13. In one harbor which he entered he found three ships, from which the seamen had all gone ashore, leaving the vessels completely unguarded, so entirely unconscious were they of any danger near.
  14. In the mean time Messalina and Silius, wholly unconscious of the danger, gave themselves up with greater and greater boldness and unconcern to their guilty pleasures.
  15. It was an occasion of great pomp and ceremony, though Mary, of course, was unconscious of the meaning of it all

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