Use Typically in a Sentence, How to use “Typically” in a sentence


Use Typically in a sentence. How to use the word Typically in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Typically.

Typically in a Sentence


Definition of Typically

  1. In most cases; usually
  2. with the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.
  3. in a way that is characteristic of a particular person or thing.

Examples of Typically in a sentence

  1. The male of the species is typically smaller than the female.
  2. The weight of an anteater is typically between.
  3. The parapet is applied to any low fortification, typically a wall on top of a wall.
  4. The month was August, the day typically handsome, typically vivid, typically caloric.
  5. typically go running at lunchtime.
  6. The typically bloody and convincing effort of Quentin Tarantino follows two simultaneous attempts to assassinate the political leadership of the Nazi government of Germany during World War II.
  7. What does homeowners insurance typically cover?
  8. Who typically requests the investigation when there is suspicion of child abuse or neglect?
  9. How many pieces are typically shipped on a truck?
  10. Below, we delve into the dental services typically covered at high percentages to help patients plan their budget with accuracy.
  11. Our students found statement thesis is where the typically in an essay to teaching, today.
  12. To this aim, we used data of 23 typically developed adults performing two different calibration motions.
  13. Is it random or is there typically a time frame?
  14. I wanted a typically Parisian hotel with a charming ambience and this was excellent in every way.
  15. Solar plants typically install more panel capacity relative to their inverter capacity.
  16. Unique graduation ceremony features typically strong NSU athletic presence.
  17. Immune receptor that’s typically activated by bacteria is a major contributor to bladder dysfunction.
  18. Judges typically get re-elected automatically.
  19. What personal information does an employer typically collect about its employees?
  20. This “wisdom” is typically observed when estimates are independent and randomly chosen to be aggregated by some method like averaging.


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