Use Type in a Sentence, How to use “Type” in a sentence


Use type in a sentence. How to use the word type in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word type.

Use Type in a Sentence - How to use "Type" in a sentence


Examples of type in a sentence

  1. *** In type two, specific behaviors are linked to specific events as in classical and operant conditioning.
  2. *** His first heavy locomotive of main passengers and fast merchandise, type 4-6-2, was built in 1941.
  3. *** The type of feelings or emotions that a place generates is known as its environment.
  4. *** Eg; I only find two types of writings that the magistrate realized were blasphemous and atheists, or slanderous.
  5. *** Leapor’s poetry on domestic service is part of a wide range of eighteenth-century writings related to this type of work.
  6. ** Conclusion: The typical change of cat scratch disease lymphadenitis from the formation of an abscess and star-type granuloma.
  7. *** A cartridge type valve can be installed in an actuator port.
  8. *** In the light of the candle, Miguel told him everything about Firebug, Spider, the police and the type of work he did.
  9. *** We eat the same type of victuals We drink the same type of bottles.
  10. *** Therefore, women who would never have considered placing these cumbersome clothes quickly saw that the chador conferred a type of protection.
  11. *** If the punishment is treated in the glossary of probation, it will inevitably influence the type of practice performed by the Service.
  12. *** A new type transmission consisting of an elastic sliding key was presented and the elastic sliding key of an alternative speed mechanism is analyzed.
  13. *** The results obtained for the wild type and for the mutant protein are practically indistinguishable.
  14. *** Ideal accompaniment for any type of pud.
  15. *** A type of acceleration clause that requires the total payment of the balance of a mortgage on the transfer of the title of the mortgaged property.
  16. *** The results of analysis and calculation can guide the design and machining of this type of acceleration change.

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