Use two in a sentence


Use two in a sentence. How to use the word two in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word two. How to use “two” with example sentences

Definition of two

Examples of two in a sentence

*** The two could be different manifestations of a single explosive event.

*** Two logistic regression procedures were carried out step by step.


*** Two main characteristics of Liu Zongyuan’s travel writings (poems and essays) are direct symbolism and indirect expressivity.

*** Two elements par excellence were highlighted, which were considered their fundamental values.

*** The Excimer laser aberration correction system includes two parts: wavefront aberration measurement using subjective aberrometer and wavefront aberration correction using an excimer laser system.

*** The polarized aberration formed by a beam reflected from an off-axis object point is discussed in this paper, and two specific case types are analyzed.

*** Using the figures indicated above, it can be seen that Machine A amortizes the initial investment in two years.

*** The two species share a common ancestor.

*** These two species share a common set of characteristics.

*** The two species have evolved from a common ancestor.

*** They had two main questions: what to delegate to whom and when to follow or intervene.

*** Two unsightly slush machines spoil the environment, and small tacky bowls of pretzels are scattered everywhere.

*** Inevitably, there was a dispute between the two parties.

*** The cannon had two metal rings around it.

*** Symbol for a fluorescent strip attachment. You can specify a configuration of one, two or three lamps.

*** We could simply switch between the two algorithms and catch the suspect in any way.

*** Ceramic crystals are polarized in one of the two alternate states when energized by an electric field.

*** These two states alternate approximately every thirty minutes during sleep.

*** Transfer all the points to the main bed, placing two points on alternate needles.

*** The class has two teachers who alternate weekly.

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