Use Twentieth in a Sentence, How to use “Twentieth” in a sentence


Use Twentieth in a sentence. How to use the word Twentieth in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Twentieth.

Twentieth in a Sentence


Examples of Twentieth in a sentence

  1. Donald turned thirty on December twentieth.
  2. Twentieth century decorative binding, with leather inlays boldly outlined in gold leaf on undyed goatskin.
  3. In other words, the quintessence of twentieth-century dystopia owes nothing to nature and everything to nourish.
  4. By the twentieth edition, the synthesis had become a well-established mechanism for allowing detailed specifications without resorting to excessively long schedules.
  5. Sunderland is located in the northern region, which has suffered an industrial decline for much of the twentieth century.
  6. It accelerated as one of those record water speed records of the twentieth century and rushed on water!
  7. The 73 republican presidents of the late twentieth century-Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford had all been men of humble origin and without inherited wealth.
  8. The idea that alcohol had medicinal qualities persisted well into the twentieth century.
  9. After a consideration of the theories, the jurisprudence of both the nineteenth and twentieth century will be examined.
  10. So much, Spruce thought, for the cultural life of a village in Norfolk in the late twentieth century.
  11. In a famous essay immediately after the Second World War, the founder of Time magazine, Henry Luce, referred to the twentieth century as the American century. Who does the 21st century belong to?
  12. The primitive poetry of Ted Hughes, the last English Poet Laureate of the twentieth century, is well known for his masculine and wild style.
  13. Up in the air was the twentieth century, but in the blizzard on the ground it was the Middle Ages.
  14. He was unique among deaf men of the early twentieth century.
  15. Perseverance falls nineteen times and happens to the twentieth.
  16. Donald and Melanie celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in January.
  17. Twentieth Century-Fox, desperate to recover its investment, negotiated a new agreement with David Merrick, producer of the show.
  18. Despite the turmoil of the late twentieth century, cathedrals have shown both resilience and consistency.

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