Use Turned in a Sentence, How to use “Turned” in a sentence


Use Turned in a sentence. How to use the word Turned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Turned.

Use Turned in a Sentence - How to use "Turned" in a sentence


Examples of Turned in a sentence

  1. *** The storm turned the ship’s compass needle.
  2. *** Donald turned away.
  3. *** The Professor turned to Donald.
  4. *** Donald turned to Alex.
  5. *** At another time, he simply ordered him to take his place at his side and in his bed as his companion and that he turned off his warm blood whenever he felt the need.
  6. *** The boss turned around when he heard you lost the account.
  7. *** The fine rain turned to fog in the afternoon.
  8. *** Horrified by this trend, Steve Norman, a Berkshire carpenter, turned his home into a haven for unwanted Rotties.
  9. *** At the last step, he turned the beam to the corner, reflecting the brightness of the deep mahogany wall panels.
  10. *** The man turned so fast that George was surprised and stumbled, falling on the soft mud.
  11. *** He turned randomly at a right angle, and started up.
  12. *** His stomach turned with nausea.
  13. *** Applying what they had learned about their enemy, the machines turned to an alternative and easily available energy supply: the bioelectrical, thermal and kinetic energies of the human body.
  14. *** When he turned once more, she glimpsed his face, almost indistinguishable under the mask of dirt and blood.
  15. *** Although some of those who turned to gymnasts, doctors and musicians derived from them as substitutes for “higher education”, as it was previously possible to obtain, it was only by chance that professional artists and artists communicated anything that could be called by that name.
  16. *** A sociological revolution was also taking place as the social status of the owner’s occupation turned out to be increasingly convincing.
  17. *** To simplify, serve the juice well or thicken with a little corn flour turned off.
  18. *** It is turned off enough to convert the calcium oxide to calcium hydroxide, but not enough water to react with the dicalcium silicate.
  19. *** At 12:50 they turned around and spotted Terranova, the Burin Peninsula, on the left.
  20. *** After serving as Canada’s first high commissioner in Britain from 1880 to 1883, he turned to the development of Canada’s prairies. Gait died in Montreal on Sept. 19, 1893.

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