Use Trying in a Sentence, How to use “Trying” in a sentence


Use Trying in a sentence. How to use the word Trying in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Trying. Sentence for Trying.

Trying in a Sentence
Definition of Trying

  • difficult or annoying; hard to bear

Examples of Trying in a sentence

  1. Alternatively, let it fly high to act as an air patrol to intercept an enemy trying the same.
  2. I can accept failure, but I can not accept not trying.
  3. Maybe he’s trying to cool off in the rain.
  4. Beneath the sentimental psycho-layer, there is a nice movie trying to get out.
  5. To be honest, I think you have an overactive gland, always trying to infiltrate my bed.
  6. As a result, hon. Members have the option of trying to invent their points in an artificial way.
  7. Instead of trying to escape away from the predator as quickly as possible, some animals take an erratic zigzag course.
  8. Writers have a long way to go to climb these Olympic heights of absurdity, but they are trying.
  9. A fight ensues, and assuming that Chris is trying to hurt Jaden, the sniper aims and shoots.
  10. He’d been lurking in the shadows at the base of the buttress for almost an hour, trying his best to avoid the crowds and making eye contact with no one.
  11. Perhaps some enjoy tiny rituals beforehand such as applying the most expensive face serum in duty free, enjoying a cheeky drink to calm the nerves before flying, or trying to do everything to get a window seat.
  12. I’m an Uncitizen, branded a criminal for trying to be … human!
  13. No one really knows anything about what they encounter in Nullspace, because if they languish in the area trying to make a determination, they never return to Realspace … ever.
  14. You must have missed the post where an examiner pretty much agreed with my numbers while at the same time trying to justify why the rejections are still made.


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