Use Trumpet in a Sentence, How to use “Trumpet” in a sentence


Use Trumpet in a sentence. How to use the word Trumpet in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Trumpet. Sentence for Trumpet.

Trumpet in a Sentence


Definition of Trumpet

  1. a brass musical instrument with a bell bell and a bright and penetrating tone. The modern instrument has the pipe rolled up to form a coil of straight sides, with three valves.
  2. a North American pitching plant.

Examples of Trumpet in a sentence

  1. An old man puffed up a trumpet to the sound of the drums and the piano.
  2. Alternate them, the next row, with daffodils trumpet or thin paper daffodils.
  3. The trumpet sounded the recall from the walls of Fort Defiance.
  4. The trumpet was blown again, and all the lights except the first were extinguished.
  5. Then he would whip his horse, sound his trumpet, and gallop along.
  6. He walked there to and fro a few minutes, and then a herald, blowing a trumpet, summoned the accused to appear.
  7. The sound of a trumpet, loud, clear, and penetrating, mingled with the song of the winds, and swept through the mountains, echo after echo.
  8. I saw a human figure. I had no doubt that this was the man who blew the trumpet, and it meant that the colonel and his men were seeking to retake me.
  9. At one of them, a great trumpet fifteen feet long is mentioned among the other martial instruments that were used to excite the men to ardor in making the charge.
  10. Nathan was behind, riding a stick for a horse, and blowing a trumpet which Rollo had made for him out of the stem of a pumpkin vine.
  11. The man played on a trumpet down on the bank of the river, and we could hear the echo from the rocks and mountains on the other side.
  12. In the mean time the captain mounted the paddle box where the pilot had stood, and, with his speaking trumpet in his hand, began to give the necessary orders for the vigorous prosecution of the voyage.

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