Use Treaty in a Sentence, How to use “Treaty” in a sentence


Use Treaty in a sentence. How to use the word Treaty in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Treaty. Sentence for Treaty.

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Examples of treaty in a sentence

  1. As a close associate of Clemenceau, Tardieu drafted important clauses of the Treaty of Versailles.
  2. The treaty gave new impetus to trade.
  3. The treaty will boost trade between the two countries.
  4. A treaty was made, and Mezentius and his forces soon after withdrew from the country, leaving Ascanius and Latium in peace.
  5. Ahab had released Benhadad under a treaty (1 Kings xx. 34), and they “were at peace three years” (1 Kings xxii. 3).
  6. Queen Elizabeth’s forces and the French forces were then both, as the treaty provided, immediately withdrawn.
  7. The besieged army sent out a flag of truce, proposing to suspend hostilities until the terms of a treaty could be agreed upon.
  8. The other articles of the treaty had, however, in the mean time, brought the war to a close, and both the French and English armies were withdrawn.
  9. There was one point, however, in the stipulations of this treaty which is of essential importance in this narrative, and that is, that it was agreed that Mary should relinquish all claims whatever to the English crown so long as Elizabeth lived.
  10. The treaty, which is called in history the Treaty of Edinburgh, was solemnly signed by the commissioners appointed to make it, and then transmitted to England and to France to be ratified by the respective queens.
  11. King Henry, during his life, had made a treaty with the government of Scotland, by which it was agreed that Mary should be married to his son Edward as soon as the two children should have grown to maturity; but afterward, the government of Scotland having fallen from Protestant into Catholic hands, they determined that this match must be given up.

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