Use Treacherous in a Sentence, How to use “Treacherous” in a sentence


Use Treacherous in a sentence. How to use the word Treacherous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Treacherous. Sentence for Treacherous.

Use Treacherous in a Sentence - How to use "Treacherous" in a sentence

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Examples of treacherous in a sentence

  1. Without honesty, the world would be a zoo of dishonest animals, treacherous and hunters of men. Dr. T.P.Chia.
  2. The barge in which Agrippina was thus invited to embark, was the treacherous trap that Anicetus had contrived for her destruction.
  3. One of the conditions of the surrender was that the treacherous artilleryman should be delivered up to the Czar.
  4. Both Burrus and Seneca would join her, and her undutiful and treacherous son would be stripped forthwith of his ill-gotten power.
  5. His crafty and treacherous plans then bring the heroes of the Kurus to destruction; at length, with his whole nation, he succumbs to the curse hurled against him by the mother of Duryodhana.
  6. It was treacherous work, and our falls were many, but we were satisfied to escape with mere bruises, for one might easily pitch over a precipice or tumble down a long, steep-hill slope and become a mere bag of broken bones.
  7. The way was still certain, a rude path coiling among the hills, from which the sheets of ice glistening like new glass, and as treacherous, forbade us to turn.
  8. He was, it is true, they say, a very rude and violent man–daring, reckless, and often unjust, and even cruel–but he was not treacherous.
  9. The Romans say that, in addition to these qualities, he was inhuman and merciless when in open warfare with his foes, and cunning and treacherous in every other mode of dealing with them.
  10. Saladin was exceedingly chagrined at this result; he was afraid Richard might suppose that he sent him an unruly horse from a treacherous design to do him some injury.
  11. Alfred could not have supposed that these treacherous covenanters, since they would readily violate the faith plighted in the name of what they revered, could be held by what they hated and despised.


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