Use Traveler in a Sentence – How to use “Traveler” in a sentence


Use Traveler in a sentence. How to use the word Traveler in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Traveler. Sentence for Traveler.

Use Traveler in a Sentence - How to use "Traveler" in a sentence


Examples of Traveler in a sentence

  1. William Bartram (1739-1823), his son, was a traveler and naturalist.
  2. So the hunter sold him, and the traveler took him away.
  3. The traveler conveyed the dog home with him to England, and kept him a long time.
  4. Just at this time a traveler came by who offered to buy the dog, and promised always to take most excellent care of him.
  5. Go, traveler, to Sparta, and say that we lie here, on the spot at which we were stationed to defend our country.
  6. They are the resort and the refuge of the traveler and the pilgrim, who seek shelter and repose upon them in their weary journeys over the trackless wilds.
  7. The Straits of Gibraltar were the ends of the earth toward the westward in those ancient days, and our traveler accordingly, after reaching them, returned again to the eastward.
  8. The fine sand flew, in such cases, in driving clouds, which filled the eyes and stopped the breath of the traveler, and finally buried his body under its drifts when he laid down to die.
  9. Between these rows of trees the traveler sees an interminable vista extending both before him and behind him.
  10. The otter is a great traveler; also, in a fur store he is an aristocrat.
  11. A number of poems relating the adventures of the traveler are reminiscenses of his own experiences.
  12. It has been admitted by many a traveler that to shoot a monkey was too like murder; they could not do it.
  13. He was a slow and clumsy traveler on land but a very efficient citizen in the water.
  14. If this impulse is obeyed and the now alarmed traveler rushes off at headlong speed, the danger is, not only that of going in the wrong direction, but in nine cases out of ten, the victim travels in circles.
  15. A certain traveler who visited the country not far from the time of Genghis Khan says that he saw one of these structures in motion which was thirty feet in diameter.

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